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I offer personalised services that suit each client's needs

My coaching journey began with evaluating the cognitive profiles of neurodivergent individuals. I’ve worked closely with them to enhance their strengths while offering assistance in areas they wish to improve. Crafting customised strategies and assembling toolkits has been instrumental in optimising their performance. While I continue to provide this specialised support, I’ve also extended my services to neurotypical People.

– Charlotte Courtenay MBPsS

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Neurodivergent Clients

With expertise in disability, neurodiversity, and inclusion, I specialise in creating inclusive environments tailored to diverse needs.


Neurotypical Clients

Through detailed assessments, I pinpoint individuals’ strengths and developmental areas, offering valuable insights for growth.

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Tailored solutions for every client

Workplace assessment
I evaluate an employee's work environment, whether it's at home or in an office, and suggest modifications or adjustments to enhance their productivity and well-being.
Neurodiversity online coaching
I offer coaching services from a neurodiversity perspective, recognising that what may be effective for neurotypical individuals may not necessarily be so for others.
Performance online coaching
I offer personalised coaching services tailored to each client's needs, enhancing their skills and empowering them to reach their goals.
Leadership coaching
Collaborative and transformative, designed to empower individuals in leadership positions to maximise their potential and achieve their professional goals.


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